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Aamra Susama Jalaprapat is established in 2003 in East Midnapur District of West Bengal, India. It’s a social welfare organisation by some rural youth. This establishment is working with some Govt. & Non Govt. organisation faithfully. some resourceful experts & volunteers have devoted themselves to be a part of social welfare. It runs some projects & initiatives without any financial assistance from outside. Now its appeal to all ‘Please donate to help Society.
Assistance to Poor – The organisation has taken an oath to extend its hands towards the helpless who also are a part of our society. So it always tries to take initiative for the upliftment of the poorer such as “SAHAI”. In this project the aged, Beggar and ill persons suffering from unavailability of food are given Food , Garments and Medicines.
We for Physically Challenged – Aamra Susama Jalaprapat ,in every moment , reminds us that we have an ethical responsibility to devote ourselves in various activities for the welfare of the persons with disability. They are the part of our society and they are not liable for their incapability. Now an information centre “SATHI” is running for disable.
Our Book Bank & Computer Literacy Drive for Poor Students – A number of poor meritorious students are compelled to leave their school life for insufficient books and learning materials. Thus we are losing our resource every year who may be social reformers . To prevent this accursed stream with our minimum social weapons the ASJ runs
Initiative for Relief – To extend our hands towards the victims of Natural disaster we have made a trained team to take initiative for proper management of such situation. We also send relief to the victims. To provide social assistance, to render legal assistance and to make a better society we have a dedicated team.
With the Child Labour – The merit , power and creativity of Our future generation are being destroyed regularly by ‘Child Labour’ system. For their rehabilitation we have taken various activities. Recently we are going to establish a special school (Sahid Matangini Sishu Sramik Sikshya Kendra) under National Child Laboure Programme, Govt. of India for
Charitable Dispensary – Our organization is running a charitable dispensary (Lt. Maya Mandal – Lt. Bishnupada Mandal Smriti Databya Chikitsalay) for those who are suffering from illness but they have not financial strength to get proper treatment and to be recovered. We also assist TB patent regularly.
Youth Development by Cluster – For the development of young generation and make them inspired to be involved in rural development we have made a cluster organization (Sahid Matangini Block Youth Information Center) of 11 nos. of rural youth club. Various training and other activities have been taken for the upliftment of the Youth & Youth
Clean World for Better World – our organization also has made a Rural Solid And Liquide Waste Management unit to make “ Nirmal Paribesh “ in East Purba Midnapur and Purulia district. The main aim and objective of this activity is to keep the personal , family and natural cleanliness.
Work for TB & AIDS – We are working on TB & AIDS in the District of Purba Medinipur and Kolkata. Initially we were working in ACSM project, funded by US AID. At present we are working in Kolkata, which is funded by Global Fund (R9) under the project " Axhay India TB project". We are working on awareness building  on AIDS in Purba Medinipur district.
Bratachari - We are working to enreach the culture of rural youth of Purba Medinipur district with the help of "Banglar Bratachari Samiti" by organising bratachari camp.
Support to PRI for Institutional Strengthning by decentralisation - We organise exposer visit for knowledge shairing from panchayat to panchayat with in various states of India for strengthening panchayati raj institution. Various funding organisation and other organisations are providing helps to conduct this programme. We are the facilitating organisation under SDC-Cap Deck programme, Kerala and we are the research partner of RGNIYD (PRIYA Division), Tamilnadu. We are also providing our service to the SRD programme in the Raghunathpur-I Gram Panchayat.
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