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Working President's Desk
AMRA SUSAMA JALAPRAPAT : is not a moon , not a sun, we are a STELLA. We are an vision, an apple of eye of poorest and destitute . The people who does not have anything to contribute for the society, except love ,affection and past experience, they are giving direction to us. We dream, we care and we share for those destitute families. Their love and blessing give us strength. They have all the right to dream, to get support from society. We have given a new meaning to these utterly destitute people providing them with new hope and strength and helping them to rebuild their life with new zeal and enthusiasm.
Please come forward for this noble cause and Spend some time for learning about our humanitarian initiative, probably the only one of its kind, which allows us to give a happy life to destitute who are alienated from the society. Your donation can also help finance a poor family. In return you'll receive the best gift of blessing with his or her smile!

With the warmest regards,
Maya Sarkar(Das)
Working President
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